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The site you are watching now is about me and my my music collection, which grows infinitely. It grows even I stopped the collection process, because other most important moments of my life take time; but it grows. The music is so much around that I can't make a time even to listen to it, not saying type about it.

Currently there are 1867 reviews on my website (the biggest part is written by myself), and about 314 albums, or even more, still remain uncommented, because the life routine eats my pleasure time.

I suppose many visitors like you hope this is kind of mp3 downloads site, because music is so much listed and commented... but there are no direct or purchase links. I don't know why it is so, but I must warn you that I'm sharing the music here, but providing only my impression on it.

I must mention I run a small international net label called "INQB8R" ("Incubator") where you are allowed to download some qualified interesting music in MP3 format absolutely at no charge. We are constantly looking for the new audience, so new artists and musicians are welcome to release their works at this label anytime. Drop me a note if you will be interested in that.

The main language of this site is Russian. Despite I don't live in Russia, my roots are coming from there and I am russian myself; however the music I review is issued globally worldwide. This music is created for everybody. My human right is to spread my thoughts in the language which I can speak better. I don't even care if somebody doesn't understand what I say, it's a physical process which helps me to discover.

There is freedom of speechless on the site: you can write your comments as well in the language other may understand you and give a comment on your words. However it can't mean you write something against my personality. It is just a personal opinion without pretending to be true. You can help discover the true only arguing my opinion.

Try to drop me a letter if you have something in mind which will interest me.

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