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Ryuta K

In the Middle of Late Capitalism

Год издания: 2009
Ярлыки: Experimental / Avantgarde
Количество дисков: 1
Количество композиций: 5
Добавлено: 6 марта 2009
Просмотров: 1625
Диск: N/A
Ryuta K - In the Middle of Late Capitalism - обложка

Unfortunately or not, but after his previous releases on Dark Winter, signed under "Ryu" moniker, i.e. "Castration" and "Depressed", the Japanese mad art composer went no further than collecting weak sounds. With the third release, it would be at least the right time to change the sound equipment, else the sounding becomes really unpleasant. First track's ("Hegelian Distress") samples are poorly recorded, and sometimes they produce an overamplifying flanging effect (at the time I suppose they should not), contain scratches, and the voice overlapped on these rustles doesn't add anything significant. Obviously the author tries to create a deep atmosphere, since the recording is strictly split to both stereo channels, but nothing in the middle makes it actually very flat. The next continuation, "Hunterwasser 2019 L.A.", gains more success in creating something deep and heavy, which turns the head like into the pail with oil, but still has random crackles here and there, totally disconcentrating the process of listening. Still, it could be called the best release's achievement, and probably the whole album would become more balanced if all tracks would have the same sounding, but... its follower, "Newest Bolshevik District", suddenly goes further. Probably created with combination of field recordings and the sounds coming from the the outer space, at least it gives something referenced to previous Ryuta works, but it is unclear — how the two first recording are related to that? And why it contains 15 seconds of the ending silence? Also, it would be much more nice, if the track would be mastered or balanced, if you listen it on the high volume, in some moments you risk to break your ears. Going further, we meet "Potala Symapathy For Autism", which was earlier chosen for INQB8R's release under the different Ryu's moniker, OVDK. It is absolutely identical to what INQB8R have published more than a year ago, the only difference is that INQB8R kept the original title of the track, "Jesus Potala Symapaty For the Autizm", Darkwinter for some reason have removed the word "Jesus". The atmosphere of the track, anyway, in many cases is similar to the "Hunterwasser...", but its generic balance stands out from the overall sounding of the album. Again, not the right point. Finally, the last track, "Wolfgang Blankenburg", starts with a boring and long intro, as few minutes ago we meet just a poor collection of echoed sounds with no heard achievement. Only in the middle of it, there begins to happen something interesting, even with some hidden melodic guitar sounds, but the pleasure doesn't continue for a long time.

In the notes supplied amongst the release, Ryu mentions: "Musical things mean nothing to me", adding the real order can't be reached in capitalism, that's why his compositions are so anarchic. However there is a lot of similarly experimental, chaosed works around that gain more deep level of the sound art. The current release couldn't be even compared to them. So the recording could be interesting for those who support the same Ryu's idea, only for Ryu fans (hey, are you a lot out of there, huh?..). On another hand, Darkwinter should take more care of their releases. It seems the label starts to exhaust itself, beginning to accept everything just to release something instead of nothing. But everybody related to music should constantly improve previous achievements... else it becomes a poor regular release, with no visible effect even on the very minor auditory.


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